High Pressure Washer, HDS 8/17 C - 1/Case

High Pressure Washer, HDS 8/17 C - 1/Case

  • Brand: Karcher
  • SKU: KAR-1.174-911.0
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  • Unit price 11 321.25 FJD VEP

    By Special Order 11321.25
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    11 321.25 FJD VEP

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Easy to operate, ergonomically designed, economical and powerful: the HDS 8/17 C Classic hot water high-pressure cleaner offers impressive equipment and performance. The operating and mobility concept of the three-phase machine, with intuitive single-button operation, large, sturdy wheels and steering roller, facilitates handling and transport. The Easy Press trigger gun with soft grip sits comfortably in your hand and allows long, effortless work intervals. The unique eco!efficiency mode from Kärcher is kind both on your wallet and the environment. Numerous other functions, like the practical storage compartments for accessories and tools or the tanks for cleaning agents and fuel integrated directly into the robust chassis, ensure maximum convenience and safety for the operator.

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